Data Breach Risk Scanning and Reporting

In today’s world of cyber attacks and data breaches, it is important to understand the
goals and motivations of attackers as well as how attacks happen. Every day, businesses
are at risk of becoming victim to data breaches – and these breaches continue to
happen because organizations do not have the tools to discover the data which exposes
security threats, unprotected data at rest and insider access to unprotected data.

Risk Intelligence provides a powerful patented data breach risk intelligence platform
that delivers the combined intelligence necessary for organizations to understand and
act upon their risk exposure of a data breach attack. Businesses recognize the
importance of security, but they often don’t realize the urgency until they see something
tangible. Risk Intelligence makes it concrete by assigning real dollars to your data
sensitivity, helping you:

Build a strong business case for sensitive data protection
Triage the most important problems to tackle.

The Risk Intelligence Cloud Console provides high level dashboards and detailed
reporting across the entire enterprise. Several dashboard widgets are available and they
display top hosts by risk, most vulnerable hosts and various other statistics relating to
discovered data and trends